Wood Burners

Wood burners are an important part of Kensair’s heating stable.  Wood fires are still a very popular New Zealand heating option, especially in the rural community.  If you’ve got a good source of firewood, these are an extremely cost-effective option.

As always with Kensair, we assess your home and make a recommendation for a wood burner that suits your home, your family, your lifestyle, and your budget.

The Kensair team take care of the whole installation process: plans and council consent, installation and sign-off.  We also offer after-sales service, such as flue cleaning and any repairs and maintenance.

Why buy a wood fire from Kensair?

  • Energy Efficient
  • Capable of heating your whole home
  • Wood fires use the world’s No. 1 sustainable fuel – wood!
  • Can be used for cooking
  • Never worry about power cuts
  • Ambience – great styling, real flames that give that warm cosy feeling like nothing else.