Radiant Panel Heating

Radiant wall panel heatingRadiant Panel Heaters are an efficient, safe & economic way of heating rooms, homes, commercial buildings or even schools. A Radiant Panel Heater utilizes convection heating, enabling the room to be heated gently from the natural currents of circulating air.

From a heat source, heat pump, boiler etc., inter-connecting piping is discretely installed to link a series of panel heaters, which are all controlled individually, giving your home a total heating solution. These panel heaters come in a range of different sizes to suit different rooms, are one of the safest heating options - ideal for children or the elderly. They’re easily cleaned with no moving parts - they’re extremely reliable.

Panel Heaters

New & existing Homes Installation Process
Step one: Cross link polyethylene pipe is laid in the wall connecting each panel heater.
Step two: Your selected heat source (depending on type - see over) is located internally or externally.
Step three: Electronic Air thermostat is installed in your living area to give you ultimate comfort. Each panel heater has its own temperature control per room.

Most of us would remember the chunky cast iron radiators in the schools and hospitals etc, thankfully, things have moved on a lot since! Thousands of homes have been retrofitted using radiant panel heaters, its an excellent and classy investment in a lot of older homes and also very efficient.


Heating control panelOur Central Heat Systems give you total control and flexibility. All circuits and heaters can be individually controlled, along with thermostats that can electronically monitor the actual temperature of the concrete slab for infloor heating, as well as air temperature, to maintain a comfortable environment. However you want to run the system our control panel gives you the flexibility to heat your home exactly how you want it, when you want it.





No forced air, transferring dust, allergies, pollens etc, through your home. It's like basking in the sunshine all day, and not even realising - no noise, no air movement, just luxurious warmth. The heat is emitted from the concrete pad over a period of time preventing heat loss and energy wastage.


The Kensair Advantage

  • Customised design solutions
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Service and repair
  • Quality European components
  • Experienced install and design personnel
  • Customised control options


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