Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant Floor heating (or Hydronic) is a method of heating the home through the floor. Special tubing is embedded in the concrete foundation, or in a thin slab of concrete on top of a wood frame floor. Heat is then circulated through this tubing, which in turn warms the mass of concrete and conducts the heat though the floor creating a luxurious soothing warmth. 

How is it better?

Radiant Heating Systems, both underfloor and panel type, offer a number of advantages over conventional type heating methods. Forced-air systems, convection heaters and solid fuel heaters etc tend to product an uneven heat, with the highest air temperature being near the ceiling or closest to the source. Radiant Floor Heating, generates heat from under the floor - and Radiant Panel Heating naturally draws heat to the floor. Both have the same effect. This heat is gently drawn into the room and rises, resulting in perfectly even temperatures and superior comfort without energy wastage or inflated fuel bills.

Radiant underfloor heating

Under Floor Heating Installation

Step One: Infloor cross linked polyethylene pipe (16 - 20mm OD) is laid in a serious of zones in the floor, prior to the concrete being poured.

Step Two: A heating control panel is then installed to connect the in in-floor pipe work to the heat source that distributes the warm water.

Step Three: Your selected heat source (depending on your type) is located internally or externally.

Step Four: Electronic air and/or slab temperature thermostats are installed. These control the temperature within the rooms / heated zones, depending on your requirements.

In new build situations, or even renovations, underfloor hydronic heating is definitely the No. 1 option.  Simple and easy to install, flexible as far as heat source options go, and also extremely efficient.  By simply heating a mass (the concrete), the heat source in reality is hardly operating once the concrete is heated, and simply maintains the desired temperature over the period you require.





No forced air, transferring dust, allergies, pollens etc, through your home. It's like basking in the sunshine all day, and not even realising - no noise, no air movement, just luxurious warmth. The heat is emitted from the concrete pad over a period of time preventing heat loss and energy wastage. Heat source options are many - gas, heat pump, electric and geo-thermal.


Underfloor heating control panelOur Central Heat Systems give you total control and flexibility. All circuits and heaters can be individually controlled, along with thermostats that can electronically monitor the actual temperature of the concrete slab for infloor heating, as well as air temperature, to maintain a comfortable environment. However you want to run the system our control panel gives you the flexibility to heat your home exactly how you want it, when you want it.


The Kensair Advantage

  • Customised design solutions
  • Installation and commissioning
  • Service and repair
  • Quality European components
  • Experienced install and design personnel
  • Customised control options




E-Star Hydronic

Our installation team are dedicated and professional. They will ensure you are kept updated throughout the whole process so you can rest assured that all workmanship is completed to the highest standard.

All out systems are commissioned using advanced test equipment, such as ultrasonic testers and combustion analyzers. To ensure the system is ready to perform we provide the test reports and as-built schematics on request.

Your system will be custom designed to suit your home and your lifestyle. Features that can be incorporated are water storage, individual room zoning, efficiency storage, temperature compensation to name but a few. Our design team take a lot of care in their work and pride themselves in providing the ultimate comfort solutions. 

In order to achieve this, everything is taken into account - from the floor coverings, insulation and thermal flow - right through to slab construction for underfloor systems. Our systems are build to stand the test of time. 

Kensair's E-STAR range incorporate features such as high efficiency German manifolds, intelligent 'E' pumps and inverter heat pumps which can provide an increase in energy efficiency over conventional systems, allowing you flexibility for heat source options.

Heat source options