Heat Pumps

Kensair are the leaders in the heat pump field.

Our philosophy has always been the same – not just any old heat pump in the easiest spot to fit it; our team recognise that a heat pump is an investment, and that you want a return from that investment!  So our consultants carry out a thorough assessment of your home and discuss your expectations.  Based on their findings, they will recommend a solution best suited to your needs.  Factors taken into account include:

  • Placement of outdoor unit
  • Regional climate
  • Customer expectations
  • Energy efficiency

You can rest assured a Kensair solution will do what we say it’ll do and it’ll last the distance!

Wall Mounted

These are by far the most common type of units installed in New Zealand as they are inexpensive to install, very effeicient, quiet in operation and decor friendly. They comprise of a unit mounted high up on a wall in the room of your choice and coupled to the outdoor compressor unit.
In Northland many people find that one unit installed in a living area provides enough heating, when the passage door is open to keep the bedrooms comfortable as well. However why not pamper yourself and install one in your bedroom as well - for total comfort.
When installing Wallmount Units into existing homes mostly they are positioned on an outside wall to facilitate easy drainage of the condensate water from the dehumidification process which occurs when the units are in the cooling mode. However they can easily be placed on an internal wall if the condensate can be suitably drained away ie. via a pump or down through a cupboard and under the house.
Installation into new homes is more flexible as drains and pipes can be installed though the framing, or ceiling before the linings are fixed in place or before the concrete floor slab is poured.


This new range is specifically designed to discreetly sit on the floor or be semi recessed into the wall and could replace traditional floor mounted heating appliances such as night store heaters or fire places.
The unit use either top or top and bottom air discharge with wide angle louvres and top discharge auto swing ensuring optimum air distribution right across the whole area. Guarantees warm feet!


Just the answer for those who may find a High Wall unit visually unacceptable or have no wall space to fit one. Cassette units fit flush into the ceiling and with a fascia panel as small as 650mm x 650mm are very unobtrusive. When heating in winter the vanes automatically tilt down directing the warm air to floor level where you need it. With the advent of the compact units cassettes are increasingly being specified for homes.


Ducted heat pumps are No. 1 in the heat pump family, these systems are ducted through the ceiling space, allowing the whole home to be kept at the perfect temperature.
Considered the ultimate to provide airconditioned comfort to your home with the least visual impact. From a one room concealed bulkhead system to full ducted unit all you will see is discreet air outlet grilles or diffusers mounted in the ceilings, walls or floor.
The system can be zone controlled to shut off air supply to the rooms not in use. This means that it is not necessary to install a large system capable of conditioning the whole house at once so for example you could aircondition the living areas during the day and the bedrooms at night. Installed costs of a ducted system generally start at about $10,000 for a small home and a larger home $12,000 upwards.