Commercial Air Conditioning

Commercial & Office Air Conditioning systems are a big part of Comfortmaster’s business.  In this day and age, it’s a given that office and administration staff operate in a comfortable environment, which in turn enhances productivity.

Comfortmaster are right there to ensure this happens.  We make sure you get the best system to suit your needs, to enhance productivity and staff satisfaction.  We take care of the little things, like making sure the vents are in the right places, the internal units are placed correctly to ensure there are no  unnecessary drafts and distractions… we’ll make sure that a Comfortmaster office air conditioning system meets and exceeds your expectations  - every time!

Why Comfortmaster Commercial Air Conditioning?

Complete Range of Solutions – from one office air conditioning unit, to open plan offices, multi systems, and retail spaces – from the smallest to the largest systems

Personal Service – one of our team will visit your office/site and discuss your needs and expectations, before tailoring a solution to suit.

In-House Design – We have our own design engineers who are able to design systems and in turn work alongside our install and electrical staff to ensure excellent efficiency and a seamless process.

Office Air Conditioning

There are numerous options available for office situations.  In open plan offices common solutions are Central Ducted Systems or Cassettes.  Often where there are multiple open plan spaces, a series of Centrally Ducted Systems are installed running off one outdoor system.  Likewise in a situation with multiple small offices individual wall-mounted systems are often used.  Over the years we have designed and installed numerous different options.  We work with our customers, listen to their needs, their expectations and tailor a system to suit.

By dealing direct with our team from concept to completion, we’re able to offer you a commercial air conditioning with No Strings Attached - no subcontract margins, no consultancy fees or commissioning costs.

Retail Space Air Conditioning

We have carried out a large number of retail projects, from large supermarkets to small hair dressing salons.  Each time the same level of attention is given to every customer.  In large to medium retail spaces there is often the need for solid run ductwork and sheet metal fabrication.  Our experienced team handle all this, from the design right through to the commissioning.  In the case of a small individual unit, exactly the same level of professionalism and care is given.  Rather than ‘commissioning the system’, our installer will ensure the client is trained and familiar with the new air conditioning unit and advised on the most efficient way to operate it.

Industrial Air Conditioning

‘Industrial Air Conditioning Systems’ is a rather broad term; to date we have designed and installed systems for applications such as:

  • Server room air conditioning
  • Archive storage air conditioning and humidity control
  • Laboratory air conditioning and ventilation
  • Petro-chemical applications

These projects involved custom design processes, individual health and safety plans, a high level of after sales service and maintenance, to name but a few points.  So whatever industrial or one-off application you have, you can rest assured Comfortmaster will be able to help.